About Us

Over 15+ Years of Experience in Gasket Service

Gaskets Plus of Calgary has been serving the south-central Alberta food service industry since 2004. At Gasket Plus of Calgary, service professionals are ready for all the Gasket needs you may have. We pride ourselves on quality parts and repairs done in a timely manner as well as offer the best prices in the business. We believe that, “If we’re not on time, you don’t pay a dime!” With our years of experience and a solid reputation, you can rest in assurance that you, your home and your Gasket system are in safe & reliable hands. We shall get your Gasket system back on track quickly and correctly.

Gasket Plust of Calgary Inc. services the food industry by installing quality gaskets for your coolers, freezers, and ovens. We save your 30 to 50% by assembling the gaskets ourselves, and install it the same week. We will assess your gaskets and related hardware – hinges, latches, door, closers, strip curtains – and leave you with firm quote. We warrany our gaskets and labour.

If our company offers a service that yuo need, please to organize a time with your Kitchen Manager to schedule a courtesy walk-through to evaluate your needs.
Nobody does it better, nobody does it cheaper! Ask us about new lower prices!

Our Work Process

Quality We Ensure

Gasket Plust Calgary will asure you for quality of service. We provide guarantee of work done and all parts that we used.

Experienced Workers

We are highly experienced people working in this industry since 2004 and providing same quality of services.

Modern Equipment

We are using latest technology and latest equipment for any work. We keep updating our toolbox to provide you smoother experience.

What People’s Say

Some comments from our genuine customers, whom we are providing our services for years.

Gasket Plus Calgary is on my top list for any maintenance services, we always appreciate their instant help, they are well-behaved and very polite people whom I love to talk with.


Manager - Cactus

One of the best in Calgary, Alberta. We highly recommend him.


Manager - Tim's

Gasket plus Calgary is one of the tops gasket services providers I highly recommend his services, they are always on time.


Chef - Wendy's