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We resurface or make custom made cutting boards.

Resurfacing Commercial Cutting Boards: Why Food Businesses Should Do This?

Commercial cutting boards are designed to be much tougher than those made for home use, however, they are not impervious to damage.

The problem with commercial cutting boards is that unlike knives, pans, or pots which can be easily maintained in the kitchen, there is no way to care for them other than keeping them clean after every use. Therefore, it’s important for food businesses to have their commercial cutting boards resurfaced by professionals.

Removes the damaged layer of your cutting boards. Cutting Board Services can remove the damaged layer of your cutting boards, to make them like new again. Once the damaged top layer is removed, then the raw surface is buffed and polished with wax to protect it from moisture and light scratches.

Resurfacing improves your cutting board’s function.
Cutting boards are less effective when they are covered in scratches, as these can make simple preparations such as cutting, chopping, or slicing foods more difficult. Knives can become dull when the edges of the blades continually run across scratched surfaces, and it is possible that even the rough surface of a cutting board can negatively affect the ingredients you are preparing. For example, the grain of meat can become damaged against a severely worn-out cutting board.

Basically, resurfacing restores the normal function of commercial cutting boards. In turn, this protects your knives and ensures that food preparations are perfect.